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KK 184

Nr. katalogowy: N008568
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Capsule Head

KK 184 (nx)

KK... capsule heads are part of the variable miniature microphone system. Together with the KM D (nx) or KM A (nx) output stages, the KK... capsule heads form a complete microphone. KK 184 (nx) + KM D (nx) = KM 184 D (nx) or KK 184 (nx) + KM A (nx) = KM 184 A (nx).

KK 184 is a pressure gradient transducer with cardioid characteristic. The frequency curves are very even and parallel to 0° sound incidence. In typical usage, there is no coloration of sound over a wide pickup angle.
Order Information
KK 184 nickel Cat. No. 008568
KK 184 nx nextel® black Cat. No. 008569