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KK 133

Nr. katalogowy: N008639
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Capsule Head

KK 133 (nx)

KK... capsule heads are part of the variable miniature microphone system. Together with the KM D (nx) or KM A (nx) output stages, the KK... capsule heads form a complete microphone. KK 184 (nx) + KM D (nx) = KM 184 D (nx) or KK 184 (nx) + KM A (nx) = KM 184 A (nx).

KK 133 is a diffuse-field equalized pressure transducer with a free-field treble boost (4-5 dB at 12 kHz). The detachable sound diffraction sphere provides a very smooth treble rise, associated with increasing directivity. The frequency response in the diffuse sound field is flat up to 12 kHz. The capsule is made of titanium.
Order Information
KK 133 nickel Cat. No. 008639
KK 133 nx nextel® black Cat. No. 008640